Brand Strategy

At Big Bears, it all begins with brainstorming. Our core leadership team comprise experts from various fields: Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing, and Media. Together, we chart out the brand journey. Designing a strong Brand Architecture is one of our strengths where sub brands retain the essence of the umbrella brand while establishing their own identity. We are also adept in Guerilla Marketing which makes a powerful brand connect with the audience and also increases the brand’s popularity.

Big Bears Media Strategy involves an expert team meticulously working out the most impactful media plan that does justice to the Client’s budget. Plus, our Digital Marketing Strategy (discussed in details under our Digital Marketing header) is simply world-class, with many leading International brands and Corporate entities seeking our services.

Case Study
Cafe Niloufer
Can You Sell Classic Hyderabadi Chai in a New Kettle?

Discover how a 1970’s café, a favorite with old-timers, was strategically repositioned on the Digital platform connecting with the next generation Hyderabadi. Famous for its traditional Irani chai and Osmania biscuits—the café is a popular meeting point—a fact that was successfully recreated in the digital media!

With an average footfall (or call it an amazing footfall) of 1,700 customers per day who are fond of its classic Hyderabadi chai and traditional biscuits, Cafe Niloufer was an entity in its own right. Yes, an entity eager to evolve as a ‘Brand’ to attract the new generation while retaining the old world charm.

The Space Age Challenge

With a huge daily customer base, the Cafe faced the space challenge. While the interiors were expanded, the Cafe was crowded throughout the day. Thus a strong online presence would work wonders were we could attract thousands without creating a crowd.

The ‘Ek Chai’ Challenge

Cafe Niloufer’s customer base were ardent fans of the famous ‘chai’ and Osmania biscuits that had made the Cafe famous. Here the challenge was to make the customer buy more products after ordering the chai, because one cup of chai was not as expensive as a regular coffee. From campaigns dedicated to products, attractive and visible in-store menu displays, and animated films which run in the store, the purchase of packs has gone up dramatically.

New Products, New Targets

With the next generation entrepreneur envisioning the next success story of Cafe Niloufer, a strategic Brand Plan was prepared. It included how to showcase the new products, especially snacks and exotic cakes. The range of tea was also expanded with a host of healthy teas being included like green tea. The communication effectively integrated the existing popular snacks and beverages while promoting the new arrivals.

Creating the New Look

What’s more challenging than creating a new brand identity, beginning with the logo. It’s recreating a brand, especially if it has been there since the 1970s.

Brand New Logo

While retaining the brand colors that had been etched in the customer’s memory, the next generation Cafe Niloufer had to look smarter, trendy, and attractive to woo the new audience. Exactly like our new generation appears to us!

A ‘New’ Positioning Statement

The positioning statement had to include the ‘best of both worlds’ – the past and the present. Following hours of brainstorming, the message was decided upon as one which says that: “Yes, it’s the same taste that you love, with a new world charm’. Translate that into the local language with a touch of literary style, and it reads: “Wahi swad... Ek naya andaaz!”


The signage had to be modern too, with a strong backlit and a long life where the colors wouldn’t fade, especially the dominating yellow shade, as the facade of Cafe Niloufer had to withstand the scorching Hyderabadi sun.

Redesigning the interiors of Niloufer Cafe

Cafe Niloufer’s internal branding and store designing was a challenge. Yes, the same challenge of connecting with ‘three generations’.

Heritage Wall

It was strategically decided to dedicate a part of the Cafe in presenting its past heritage. Thus a heritage wall was created which had antique pieces connected with the teahouse tradition of Hyderabad. It talked about the history of the cafe, the journey invoking nostalgia.

Retro Campaign

A retro campaign was created which balanced the heritage and old world charm with a modern graphic treatment and catchy headlines that had a classical message but spoken on a trendy note. Imagine how you would visualize a poster of a vintage guitar!

The New Generation Cafe Look

An internal branding campaign to connect with the youth worked wonders for the brand. It was very visible from the actual seating area and successfully connected with an young audience who wanted to spend some quality time with friends over tea and snacks.

Launching ‘Emotions’ Gift Pack Range

Café Niloufer introduces ‘Emotions’ – a select assortment of delicious biscuits, dry fruits, and sweet treats in a signature gift pack that makes for the ‘ideal gift’ for someone special in your life. A gift that brings smiles!

The Emotions pack was created from the scratch. In the Indian market, where brands like Cadbury’s Celebrations rule the competition, the name of the range of gift packs was very, very crucial to its success. It had to catch the festive mood and yet stand out from the crowd. The name: ‘Emotions’ came up after intensive discussions, chosen over more than fifty other names!

The packaging range was an innovation with its new shapes and designs that would baffle many professionals including packaging companies who go by the rulebook favoring the ‘brick’. Remember, the packaging contained biscuits and other eatables that were delicate! Yes, beauty and strength went hand in hand.

The ‘Emotions’ range was launched with a powerful campaign that included social media and traditional media. The messages were touching and established a strong emotional connect with customer.

Cafe Niloufer Carnival

The objective was to build up the hype up till December end, 2018 to make the brand even more popular and bring it online. From online contests that became very popular like ‘stop the gif’ and ‘shayari’ to creating animated films with caricatures of the bakery items and snacks, we made the Carnival one big fun event! Yes, we left no stone unturned to make the Carnival an event to remember, where the customers would be waiting for it to happen every year. To top it all, the Jackpot prize included flight tickets to Dubai!

Online campaign reach:
  • Customers who will order online
  • Customers who visit regularly
  • Customers who visit once in a while
Store branding reach:
  • Customers who visit regularly
  • Customers who may choose to come during the carnival
  • Generate orders through online branding
  • Generate footfalls of customers with spending power through online
  • Have standees and posters at store to bring customers online
  • Make customers spend more than Rs.1000/-
Creating a ‘steaming’ website

The Cafe Niloufer Website is one of the favorite spots for customers. It’s almost like the Cafe itself, in terms of the ‘feel good’ factor. Here, you can read about Cafe Niloufer, relive the charm, go through the product details, check out the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and order with delight. It’s not only easy but a pleasure to click the order button below a mouthwatering image of your favorite biscuits and snacks, and the famous tea.

Jingle and Jangle

The Cafe Niloufer Radio Jingle was a big hit with famous Radio Jockeys promoting it on FM. While the Jingle was made vibrant, connecting with the new generation, it helped promote Cafe Niloufer’s online sales as well. Again, an attractive informative campaign was created in-store to attract the potential customer to the online site.

Sales Tell the Success Story

With more than 17,00 customers, the challenge was to increase the sales while maintaining and increasing the present figures. There were challenges – simple-sounding yet complex like how to maintain the customer inflow during spells of bad weather? Here, the online sales was strategically devised as an alternate to keep up the score.

Pushing Onsite Sales

Our task didn’t just end by attracting the potential customer to our merchant site or to an aggregator. Even in these areas, we ensured that the product descriptors would add to the sales push

‘Emotions’ – the perfect Diwali gift which brings smiles! A select assortment of Café Niloufer’s delicious biscuits, dry fruits, and sweet treats, it’s the best gift for young and old alike. It’s the classy gift that says what’s in your heart… the gift that compliments other Diwali gifts and brightens up the festive spirit. Order today!

‘Emotions’ a gift pack of delicious biscuits, dry fruits, and sweet treats is the best way to make someone smile this Diwali. It is a gift, which will be cherished by one and all, children and grown-ups alike. Coming in various sizes, it conveys your emotions in the sweetest possible way! Order now!!

An all-new store coming up at Banjara Hills!
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