Digital Branding
Digital Services

Our Digital Services include online promotions and contests, Social Media Marketing (on FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter), Social Media Optimization (SMO managing pages, Response Management, and Hygiene Management), Brand Management, email and Mobile Marketing, Website Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM includes paid promotions on Google and websites linked to Google with relevance to Keywords), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Content Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), and more.

Analytics that Rock!

Our Competitor Analysis is thorough, revealing how competitors are performing, where do they rank in Google Search, number of visits to their website, what strategy they are following. Analyzing their media spread is also very important, especially where are they advertising? Is it Google, websites, FB, Mobile Gaming, You Tube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or elsewhere? Arriving at the right answer helps us leverage a brand in the right social media space.

Keywords that Work!

Big Bears Keywords Analysis team includes Digital Marketing experts, award-winning writers, and keen analysts. We also consult experts from the client’s side, to understand their business better. Thus our Organic Search Engine Optimization is more accurate, making a real difference to our client’s brands.

The Goldilocks Zone

We can come up with the best Digital Plans for our clients because we do our homework. Every brand, every client has a unique requirement. Which Social media platform suits the brand best? Which platform to switch to from an existing one that is not giving the desired results? Where to invest and how much? We have the answer to these questions, thanks to our rich experience and Digital research capabilities.

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